Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome to Time Sculpture 2011, the site for ongoing blogs and comments about the study focus for 2011 chosen by the Art Section East organizers:

           Image Arts from the Perspective 
                  of Spiritual Reality:  
         Film, Photography and Painting.  

Laura Summer suggested I start this blog.  While the Columbia County (and region) artists pursue the topic with regular meetings, this internet-based blog group will open the discussion to the many non-local, diverse and geographically far-flung group of Art Section members and friends who attended last year's conference on "The Search for Humanity in Contemporary Art."  David Adams wrote a detailed report of the conference's "formal" proceedings (  A less formal day and a half followed with discussion,  group art projects, and presentations of their work by conference participants.  Many of you took photos, so if you wish, please share them and comment.
The next conference (on the above topic) is scheduled for August 5-7 in Columbia County, New York. 

The blog name derives from one of the key selected readings:  Sculpting in Time by Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky (1932-1986).  Other readings will be:  "The Spiritual Being of Art", a  lecture from 28 October 1909 by Rudolf  Steiner, Walter Benjamin's "The Work of Art in the Age of its Mechanical Reproducibiity" and " Little History of Photography."

Obviously the films of Andrei Tarkovsky are also most relevant to these explorations, along with interviews with him and his film crew members and actors. Tarkovsky's  last film "The Sacrifice" was viewed January 8 at Columbia House in Philmont, NY after the painter Martina Muller presented her process and work.

Fortunately my city library has almost all of Tarkovkly's films. You might try interlibrary loan.  The effort will be well worth it.  Don't neglect to access the documentaries accompanying almost all of these world-renowned "Criterion Classics" which are in high demand at film schools worldwide.

This blog will afford an opportunity to use the next seven months to study, discover and share with each other, as we carry the conference impulse into the future.  I realize some of you might not be as blessed with time as I, but I hope you will participate in so far as you are able.

Warmly,  Rosemary McMullen

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  1. This blog focuses on image arts of cinema, photography and painting this year "from the perspective of spiritual reality." Right now my thought is that social sculpture, with its emphasis on the social realm, doesn't fit under these parameters. However, in a few months, after we exchange some thoughts and questions, after carrying the phenomenological points raised by Benjamin and explored in practice by Tarkovsky, I might change my mind. Social Sculpture has taken many forms: performance, installation, interactive and otherwise. Videos and films have been made of social sculptures. Perhaps the permeability of "boundaries" between art forms will be a topic of interest for us all.

    Some of you know about Social Sculpture USA, a website started in 2007. Several members of the Art Section have joined the Social Sculpture group and all are welcome to do so. Email: The website is:

    Rosemary McMullen