Monday, February 28, 2011

Stephen Hawks' MFA Thesis -- Introduction and Links

Stephen Hawks has been studying Anthroposophy for approximately twenty years.  He is a multimedia artist and teacher of art living in the southeast United States.  His 30-page Master's Thesis can be viewed and downloaded at

Hawks titled his thesis "The Rehabilitation of the Humiliated Object."  He arrived at this title during his journey through modern and postmodern art and philosophy, which was the focus for Art Section East in 2010.  (David Adams has beautifully documented the background and the August 2010 conference in both the Art Section Newsletter and the first issue of Being Human -- new title of the quarterly publication of the Anthroposophical Society of North America-- which just came out.  If you are not on the mailing list, you can find out more at

Hawks explains in the introduction of his thesis that an object considered without spiritual reality is "humiliated" by such an orientation. His project and his art are thus directly pertinent to the 2011 theme of Art Section East for this year: Image Arts from the Perspective of Spiritual Reality.

Painting, black board drawing, sculpture, music, performance and video were among the mediums Hawks used in "The Rehabilitation of the Humiliated Object."  I hope comments will be posted as more of us pass through "the Gates" of Stephen Hawks 2008-2010 thinking and artistic creation.
He can be reached via email at

Stephen posted a short film Blackboards, on his website 

 Buddha Mind (above)    Platonic Solids (below)  

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