Friday, May 6, 2011

Art Section Meeting April 18, 2011 -Report from Nathaniel Williams

From 3-4:30 pm we reviewed and reflected on Steiner’s lecture “The Spiritual Being of Art.”  Here Steiner characterized, in a vividly pictorial narrative, the missions and sufferings of the hierarchical beings in their endeavor to guide humanity in the renewed, individual paths of the arts, including dance, acting, sculpture, architecture, painting, music, and poetry.  

Our discussion brought us to questions about the qualitative nature of true, genuine, healing art.  How does the thought of Walter Benjamin appear in this light; how does the effective aura of healing art relate to his aura of singularity?  What is it in what Steiner refers to as “semblance” that lifts the natural and sensory to a more spiritualized manifestation in art?   

To pursue these queries we decided to take up Ursula Gruber’s article The Heart-Sun-Space and The Christ-Michael Language of the Visual Arts [printed in the 2010 Autumn-Winter issue of the Art Section Newsletter] at our next meeting.  This will take place at the “Columbia House” on Monday, June 13th at 3 pm.  Note that this meeting date has been changed from June 11th.

There then followed a short preview, from some of those present at the meeting, of what they are working on towards the August Conference on the theme of “Fear.”

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  1. If I were stranded on an island, I guess the Being of Art would not be a bad person to have as company.