Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Laura Summer Reports on Free Columbia Study Sessions

On June 14, in preparation for the August conference a small group of people participated in an afternoon study of “ The Heart-Sun-Space and the Christ-Michael Language of the Visual Arts” by Ursula Gruber. Here Ursula speaks about art’s role in the tending and development of the middle sphere that arises out of the twofold penetration of the spiritual and physical worlds. We discussed our own relationships to this way of thinking about art, how we work with it and whether the article was stating experiences or defining criteria.

As further investigation into the qualities of artistic experiences we decided next to study Joseph Beuy’s conversation with Volker Harlan, “What is Art”. We will all read this and prepare a short section that was significant to us. We will study together again on Monday August 1 at 2pm. This is the day before we will hang the exhibit on the Metamorphosis of Fear. That show will open on Thursday, August 4 at 5pm at the Basilica Industria, 110 Front Street, Hudson NY.

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