Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Secrets in Plain Sight -- Chartres Revealed

I regret I have not kept this blog up for much of the latter half of the year.  To share what happened to me during that time, I am writing a piece on the relation of the Occupy movement to contemporary art, and I hope it inspires everyone to contemplate what has taken place in the USA -- beginning in NYC and involving several of our community from the start -- since the Metamorphosis of Fear project was exhibited in August.  Probably Burning Man 2011 and other arts gatherings worldwide made significant contributions. Then maybe we and others can start another blog for 2012.

The complex multi-valent Chartres cathedral will continue revealing itself in streams esoteric and exoteric as long as it stands and human beings are able to visit it.  Now, the social sculpture concept initiated by Joseph Bueys in late 1960s Europe has manifestations everywhere worldwide practically every day.